My Brother’s Last Soundtrack


by Sue Kemple, CEO, My Last Soundtrack

A few weeks ago, my sons gave me the best birthday gift. James, the “little one,” concluded that all the songs on my smartphone “suck.” So they gifted me with some CDs (CDs!) of newer music they thought I’d like. I was surprised at how much I did like the music they chose, but also touched that they’d put such thought into it, and pleased that they know me well enough to have found just the right tunes. (“Don’t worry, Mom,” Matt said. “Just tell us which ones you like, and we’ll help you get the songs on your phone.”)

Music has a way of stirring up emotions like nothing else. It especially has a way of evoking the bittersweet – old friends, times past, loves lost. The greatest love I ever lost remains to this day my brother Matt, who would be 44 years old today, but will forever in our minds be 19. He loved music – was literally one of those “dance like no one is watching” people. People were often watching. He didn’t give a shit.

My brother never heard of the internet and wouldn’t know what to do with an email if you tried to send him one. But if he’d had access to this tool, I know he would have created a soundtrack. He actually was someone who did actively contemplate his own death, even before the age of twenty. I know that’s got to be part of the reason why he lived that life to the full.

I can’t say for sure that this is what his soundtrack would have been. But because of the reasons for the choices on this page, I do know he would have loved it.

Cheers, Matt! Miss you still, and always.

Matt’s Last Soundtrack on Spotify, and here’s the list in print on My Last Soundtrack, with the reasons for the choices. (The site is still in development, but we’re getting ready to launch so soon!)

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