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Burial Suits? Green Burial News

The MLS blog has covered interesting green burial trends in the past. However, one recent innovation is the $1,500 Burial Suit from Coeio. Cofounder of Coeio, Jae Rhim Lee, recently launched the company after years of research on mushrooms and funeral practices. Her aim was to find a way to make burials more eco-friendly.

The fabric of the suit is embedded with a mix of mushrooms and organic materials. These ingredients break down the molecular

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“Trees Instead of Tombstones!”

Ally Cannon, Marketing Manager, My Last Soundtrack.

There exists a steady rise in interest for green funerals. From biodegradable, woven-willow caskets that decompose into the ground to “reef balls” that provide a habitat for sea life, the options are becoming more numerous and unique than I ever imagined. Recently I stumbled across a start-up company in Italy, Capsula Mundi, that

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Former Boxer, Christopher Rivera Amaro, posed standing in a boxing ring for his wake.

10 Extremely Unique Funerals

(Pictured: former boxer, Christopher Rivera Amaro, posed standing in a boxing ring for his wake.)

Today, people are are planning funerals that are as unique as the person who passed away.   While over-the-top celebrations may not be the norm, creating very personalized end of life celebrations are definitely an increasing trend.  Farewell to sermons and funeral homes, hello to motorcycles and Santa Claus suits!  Here are 10 extreme funerals worth

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