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Celebrate Life Instead of Grieving: Anger

Talking about death and dying can make people feel quite uneasy. In this blog series, we have been discussing turning your grief into celebration. In our last blog, we talked about the first stage of the grieving process-denial. We went over ways to cope with your denial and how you can turn your denial into something positive and life-altering.

We, at My Last Soundtrack, want to make sure you view the concept of death in a positive light. We want

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Spirituality: A Life and Death Matter

Whether one has been devotedly religious through their lifetime, or has professed to be a staunch atheist, impending death often has a compelling and often dramatic effect on those that are nearing death. It appears that there is so much more than a purely physical aspect of dying, as many thousands of people have reported similar stories regarding the passing of a loved one. Experiences include those where the dying reports being visited

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