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What I Want You to Know As Your Funeral Director

Heather Hill (Favorite Spoon)

“I want you to know that the idea of your typical funeral director is about to be changed, drastically.

I see you pull into the parking lot and sit there, looking at the door. I’ve never seen anyone hop out of their car and walk into the building without pause. And why should you? You’re about to face probably the most difficult meeting you’ve ever had to face. This meeting makes it “real”. You’ll have

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“Hello” – and Goodbye

by Sue Kemple, CEO, My Last Soundtrack

It’s really no secret that the most common theme in music, in almost all genres and across all generations, is heartbreak.

This new Adele song (with its very unoriginal title – Hello, Lionel Richie! Hello again, Neil Diamond!), over which the internet seems to have gone apeshit, speaks (sings?) to this pain from the perspective of the one who broke another’s heart; one who, presumably mired in

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