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Affect The Memory of You with Music

Google “how music affects memory” and you’ll receive more than 17 million results. Funny thing is, most of these links and sites are for those articles that refer to how music affects the brain and our memory; not how music becomes part of each memory. Which, we believe, is missing a huge element of how music plays a role in making memories and shaping our life experiences. Our innate attraction and natural inclination towards

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What's playing at the hippest funerals?

What’s Playing at the Hippest Funerals?

What’s Playing at the Hippest Funerals

Looking for song ideas to add to  Your Last Soundtrack? Check out our Charts page to see your generation’s top choices. Remember, we’re still in early days, so there haven’t been that many lists factored into the charts.  But that means your choices may actually put a song in the top ten.

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