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Celebrate Life Instead of Grieving: Anger

Talking about death and dying can make people feel quite uneasy. In this blog series, we have been discussing turning your grief into celebration. In our last blog, we talked about the first stage of the grieving process-denial. We went over ways to cope with your denial and how you can turn your denial into something positive and life-altering.

We, at My Last Soundtrack, want to make sure you view the concept of death in a positive light. We want

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What I Want You to Know As Your Funeral Director

Heather Hill (Favorite Spoon)

“I want you to know that the idea of your typical funeral director is about to be changed, drastically.

I see you pull into the parking lot and sit there, looking at the door. I’ve never seen anyone hop out of their car and walk into the building without pause. And why should you? You’re about to face probably the most difficult meeting you’ve ever had to face. This meeting makes it “real”. You’ll have

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A Good Death: How Boomers Will Change the World a Final Time

“For eons, folks grew old, endured the symptoms, and died when it was their time—according to God’s will, some would say, even if it involved fighting through lingering illness, pain and suffering, or years of mental or physical incapacitation. A “good” death was about having lived long enough to see grandchildren, put one’s affairs in order, and pass away surrounded by a loving family.

Boomers don’t see it that way. To them, a

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Celebrate Life Instead Of Grieving With These Tips

Learning that you or a loved one is going to pass away soon is never an easy pill to swallow. You have moments that are unexplainable, yet happen in a sequence. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. These are described as the five stages of grief. It is something that everyone, naturally, progresses through, each stage hard as it might be is leading to the resolution you need.

My Last Soundtrack wants you to know that death

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“Trees Instead of Tombstones!”

Ally Cannon, Marketing Manager, My Last Soundtrack.

There exists a steady rise in interest for green funerals. From biodegradable, woven-willow caskets that decompose into the ground to “reef balls” that provide a habitat for sea life, the options are becoming more numerous and unique than I ever imagined. Recently I stumbled across a start-up company in Italy, Capsula Mundi, that

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