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Photographing Funerals: The Circle of Life

The beauty in photography lies in its ability to capture moments and memories that otherwise may be forgotten. Truly amazing photographers hold the power to stop time and place with the single click of a button. Birthdays, graduations, vacations all have space in our faded photo boxes high in the closet (or our computer hard drives these days). However, it is not often we see pictures captured at funerals. People choose not to document this

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Providing “Good Deaths” in Malawi: Malawi’s First (and Only) Hospice

In the late 1990s nurse, Lucy Finch, traveled to her native country of Malawi to care for her sister who was dying from aids. As Finch sat at her sister’s bedside late one night she heard the harrowing screams of a young soldier in the next room – as the proper drugs or care could not be provided by the hospital to alleviate his agonizing pain. This moment sparked a fire in Finch as she vowed to return to Malawi and create a place

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NYTimes Book Review: ‘On Living’

The new book ‘On Living’ offers insight into the world of hospice care and end-of-life issues through the eyes of Hospice Chaplin, Kerry Egan. Egan weaves together personal reflection, witty observations and stories from her patients in this unique look at an often taboo topic.

““If there is any great difference between the people who know they are dying and the rest of us, it’s this: They know they’re running out of

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