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Photographing Funerals: The Circle of Life

The beauty in photography lies in its ability to capture moments and memories that otherwise may be forgotten. Truly amazing photographers hold the power to stop time and place with the single click of a button. Birthdays, graduations, vacations all have space in our faded photo boxes high in the closet (or our computer hard drives these days). However, it is not often we see pictures captured at funerals. People choose not to document this

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Sue Kreitzman’s Style Philosophy – an interview from Virge Randall at the Senior Planet

 “Good taste is overrated. I hate good taste; I would never wear a string of pearls. Put me in a string of pearls and a beige suit, and the next thing I’ll be in my coffin.” – Sue Krietzman

We enjoyed reading Virge Randall’s (writer at the Senior Planet) interview with Sue Krieitzman as they discuss the struggles of personal style, getting older, expressing yourself and the unexpected twists and turns of life.

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One Last Visit to See My Patient

Physician, Danielle Ofri, recounts the moments of melancholy and joy she experiences as she says goodbye to a 91 year old patient who has been under her care for over 20 years. A great read!

“We rarely think of death as a moment of joy, but this was certainly one. Even in my sadness, I could feel the warmth of happiness for my patient that she’d been able

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Using My Last Soundtrack to write my last soundtrack

Joe Cannon, Founder, My Last Soundtrack

I want to use this blog post to explain why and how I created my own last Soundtrack.

As a healthy, active, 58-years young man, why would I want to create a last soundtrack? I don’t appear to be close to the end of my life—though we all know that can happen any time. Of course, I needed to test our software (very easy to use) and I wanted to share something (the marketer in me). But I also thought

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Honoring my mom with a Last Soundtrack

Joe Cannon, Founder My Last Soundtrack

I am writing this blog post to share the process I used to develop a Last Soundtrack to honor my mom, who died almost 20 years ago.

As we launch My Last Soundtrack, the founders (Carl, Sue and I) think a few different groups might find the site useful. One group includes people who want to create a legacy page for themselves. They want to have more control over the story of their

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