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Photographing Funerals: The Circle of Life

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The beauty in photography lies in its ability to capture moments and memories that otherwise may be forgotten. Truly amazing photographers hold the power to stop time and place with the single click of a button. Birthdays, graduations, vacations all have space in our faded photo boxes high in the closet (or our computer hard drives these days). However, it is not often we see pictures captured at funerals. People choose not to document this time of sadness, grief and transition. But one English photographer, Shaun Connell, has made it his mission to document all the facets that make us human. And yes. That includes death.

“No matter how good the beginning and middle is, no (life) story is complete without an end. That’s one of the reasons I choose to document funerals.” – Shaun Connell

Check out the full article about him here!


  1. Hey Shaun, I am really impressed with your thought. You’re doing amazing job man. Photography is the best way to capture all the moments and memories. But nobody wants to click photos at a funeral but in my views life is not about only recording the best moments. Life is full of a range of experiences and emotions and if we focus only on the super sugary glossy ones, we miss the important part of being a human.

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