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How can we change the negative perception on aging?

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Ally Cannon (Director of Marketing | My Last Soundtrack)

Negative views on aging have the power to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. This becomes frightening as many Western societies hold negative stereotypes and connotations regarding aging. As a culture we need to change our mindset in order to improve overall well-being, and the aging process.

Brookdale Senior Living Community

While one person alone may not be able to change this view, one senior living home is using their unique programs to try and change the perception of aging among their community. Brookdale Senior Living Solutions created a set of “award-winning, evidence-based programs to provide a customized, integrated pallet of opportunities designed to support and empower the pursuit of living well.” From granting life-long wishes such as hot air balloon rides and learning to square dance in the ‘Wish of a Lifetime’ program to recording life memories, holding technology training sessions and implementing brain fitness classes – the list is endless. At My Last Soundtrack we found a special connection to their ‘My Life Story’ program which involves journaling, video recording and group discussions. The purpose of this program is to allow residents the power to leave a legacy, engage in developmental life review and connect with fellow residents.

Celebrate Aging Film Festival 

Over the last few months Brookdale communities across the country have been hard at work on a new project. Working with iPads, residents wrote, filmed, directed and created short movies for their inaugural ‘Celebrate Aging Film Festival’. Last week the highest nominated submissions travelled to Tennessee to attend the special film festival in their honor. Their goal through this project was to help change the perception of aging and spread positive messages about the beauty of growing old.

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What an incredible mission from Brookdale Senior Living. To learn more about their programs and film festival follow the links.

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