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Pet Therapy in End of Life Care

Guest post from Senior Advice

For all families, the anticipation of losing a loved one to death from an illness or old age is a sad and often stressful time. The process is also stressful for the patient but the presence of animals, their own pet or a trained therapy animal, can have a measured and profound impact on a dying patient’s sense of well-being.

Having their own pet around is helpful, bringing unconditional affection, a soothing sense

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Veterans Telling Their Stories

Sue Kemple

Last year, I had the pleasure of sharing lunch with a friend of mine and her 96-year-old father, a World War II veteran whose plane was shot down over Paris in 1944, and who has an amazing story to tell – not just of his escape from the burning aircraft, but also of his adventures afterward. I won’t tell his story here, because it’s his story to tell. But I was honored that he shared his stories with me, because my friend told me

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