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How can we change the negative perception on aging?

Ally Cannon (Director of Marketing | My Last Soundtrack)

Negative views on aging have the power to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. This becomes frightening as many Western societies hold negative stereotypes and connotations regarding aging. As a culture we need to change our mindset in order to improve overall well-being, and the aging process.

Brookdale Senior Living Community

While one person alone may not be able to change this view, one senior living home is using their unique programs to try and change the perception of aging

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While His Guitar Gently Weeps

Sue Kemple (CEO)

I was never much of a Tom Petty fan. I appreciated his immense talent, but for whatever reason, I was just never drawn to his music, his unique sound.

My brother was, though. He was a huge fan, had several of his albums. Vinyl records, of course, part of the collection we all went through when Matt died back in 1991.

Going through the belongings of a loved one who has died can be a tough exercise. But there is something

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What’s so great about getting older…

What age do people start  hating their birthdays? Is it 30, 40, 50…? As a child, who can forget waking up on their birthday with the feeling of electricity pulsing through their bodies – excited. Happy. Another year older, another year wiser, another year closer to whatever lies beyond. Then the shift occurs, birthdays get swept under the rug, forgotten or downplayed. If you are one of the people that despises getting older, we

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Photographing Funerals: The Circle of Life

The beauty in photography lies in its ability to capture moments and memories that otherwise may be forgotten. Truly amazing photographers hold the power to stop time and place with the single click of a button. Birthdays, graduations, vacations all have space in our faded photo boxes high in the closet (or our computer hard drives these days). However, it is not often we see pictures captured at funerals. People choose not to document this

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