Monthly Archives: December 2016


Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls

by Sue Kemple, CEO, My Last Soundtrack

So, 2016 was kind of a brutal year, right? It started with David Bowie, shocked with Prince, crested with Muhammad Ali, ended with Leonard Cohen… I mean George Michael… I mean Princess Leia… I mean, her mother.

The hits just kept coming.

And guess what. They will keep coming.

So many of us have been lamenting 2016, as if the year were the Grim Reaper himself, stalking the world and taking anyone within easy

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Providing “Good Deaths” in Malawi: Malawi’s First (and Only) Hospice

In the late 1990s nurse, Lucy Finch, traveled to her native country of Malawi to care for her sister who was dying from aids. As Finch sat at her sister’s bedside late one night she heard the harrowing screams of a young soldier in the next room – as the proper drugs or care could not be provided by the hospital to alleviate his agonizing pain. This moment sparked a fire in Finch as she vowed to return to Malawi and create a place

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