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All Time is Short

by Sue Kemple, CEO, My Last Soundtrack

My brother Matthew – or Matt, as he preferred to be called – is the eldest of my four younger brothers. He was born a year and a month or so after my sister was born. And he died five days after I married my ex-husband.

Four years and twenty-one days later, in July of 1995, I gave birth to my first child. I hoped that child would be a boy because I wanted so much to name my first child for my brother. When

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Affect The Memory of You with Music

Google “how music affects memory” and you’ll receive more than 17 million results. Funny thing is, most of these links and sites are for those articles that refer to how music affects the brain and our memory; not how music becomes part of each memory. Which, we believe, is missing a huge element of how music plays a role in making memories and shaping our life experiences. Our innate attraction and natural inclination towards

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Spirituality: A Life and Death Matter

Whether one has been devotedly religious through their lifetime, or has professed to be a staunch atheist, impending death often has a compelling and often dramatic effect on those that are nearing death. It appears that there is so much more than a purely physical aspect of dying, as many thousands of people have reported similar stories regarding the passing of a loved one. Experiences include those where the dying reports being visited

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Overcoming the Fear of Death

Though there exists a real, life-affecting phobia of death, called thanatophobia, most cases where people fear death is simply a resistance of what is pending and not being able to control when, where and how it will happen. This anxiety of the next step, and what lies beyond it, often causes people to not fully live their lives; ironically enough. For some people of advanced age, just knowing that they definitely have less years left on

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no one tells you this

No One Tells You This: Lessons from Loss

by Cora Neumann

No one tells you this.

So I will.

No one tells you that you may want to die. No one tells you that you may lie in bed and pray for your heart to stop. That even your most cherished and beloved children and husband may not be able to rouse you from the depths of your sorrow. That even the breathtaking sunrises and majestic shooting stars above won’t give you pause.

No one tells you this. (Read the rest of the piece here.)